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Yip, Tse & Tang | Escrow Agent appointment starting from HK$20,000

Bad_software_2 Yip Tse & Tang has the experience in handling the needs as an source code agent. We may serve you whether you are: software developer or software end-customer.

For software applications with multiple customers as end-users, a set-up fee of HK$20,000 to HK$40,000 is required for making any source code deposit arrangement. The fee rates depend on: complexity, time pressure to the set-up and time spent to finalise the escrow arrangement. End-customers are charged annually for HK$5,000 or a sum to be agreed, depending on a number of factors. You are free to terminate the service any time you want. That means, "no custody, no fee". (Photo: Thomas Tse, Senior Partner, Yip, Tse & Tang)

For customised software applications or applications having a few end-users (or even one end-user), a set-up fee of HK$20,000 to HK$50,000 has to be paid. The fee rates also depend on the same set of factors in the multiple users situation. The annual charge will usually between HK$5,000 and HK$10,000.

Currently, we are in custody as source code agent for a leading international bank and prominent software house. You do not have to question our experience. We know what source code escrow is all about.

Visit our FAQ on Source Code Escrow to learn more about the service.


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