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FAQ on Source Code Escrow

What is in a Source Code Deposit Agreement?

The Source Code Deposit Agreement is an agreement in respect of the keeping of the source code by the source code agent. It is made by two parties:

1. source code agent (as the custodian) and

2. software supplier (as the owner of the source code).

The Agreement governs the duties and obligations of the source code agent and the software supplier. The end-customer's rights will be subject to the terms of the Agreement.

The Agreement also sets out the charges and fees payable by the end-customer when subscribing to the service.

Sample of a Standard Escrow Deposit Agreement

The Standard form of agreement can be provided to you forthwith on request.

The form has been adopted by Yip, Tse & Tang in source code scheme of certain prominent software.

The terms can be modified by the software supplier and Yip, Tse & Tang is prepared to discuss and advise the software supplier on any modifications to the form.